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Services We Can Offer

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Services

We use professional strength carpet cleaning chemicals that are guaranteed to give the best results and that are non toxic to pets and children.

We use a High Pressure Wet Vacuum carpet cleaning system.  The carpets will feel damp to the touch and usually dries in two to three hours.  If you have a room that needs to dry more quickly we can clean that room first and put our drier unit in to help speed up the process

  • To help keep our prices low we do not offer a furniture moving service.
  • We can tab larger items to prevent them from coming into contact with the damp carpet
  • Furniture must not be put back onto the floor until the carpet is completely dry

Insect Treatment

Our Insect treatment is an odorless, highly effective, permethrin free insecticide for treating  all flying and creeping harmful (cold-blooded) insects, such as flies, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, ants, mites, spiders, moths, and silverfish.  It has a controlled long-time effect of approximately 8 weeks and can be applied directly to your carpets.

After the 8 week active period the active substances disintegrate leaving the area free.  This avoids the accumulation of the active substance.

Our insect treatment can be used in food processing areas, storerooms, hotels, homes and hospitals.

Carpet Cleaning using our Rotovac System

We have invested in a piece of equipment that has been imported from the US that offers outstanding carpet cleaning results.  The ROTOVAC out cleans all other carpet cleaning systems currently in use in the UK.

With its intensive, aggressive cleaning action, the ROTOVAC carpet cleaning system restores heavily soiled carpets and matted traffic areas with ease.

Carpet Cleaning with a conventional wand cleaning system the operator can make around 60 two directional carpet cleaning passes per minute.  As the person tires the number and quality of the cleaning deteriorates.  The ROTOVAC carpet cleaning system makes 1500 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute .... all day long.

Even stains and ground in soiling in a 30 year old carpet are no match for our ROTOVAC system.

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